The original HARRY JOYCE HJ CUSTOM AMPLIFIERS received some great magazine reviews. Read the juicy bits here.
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The Guitar Magazine UK

The May 1996 THE GUITAR magazine reviewed the HARRY JOYCE Custom 30 1X12 Combo. John Seabury wrote:
On audition, the HJ CUSTOM 30 gave a full-bodied, big-boned sound with a taut, twangy edge; my Fender Strat sounded tactile and dynamic, while a humbucker-equipped Gibson semi-acoustic sounded richly powerful and sustaining.

The brilliant-channel offered a glassy edge which is ideal for stinging clean Blues or ultra-crisp chords. Conversely, the normal channel will give you a beefy Strat sound to remember.

There's a big variation of sound available from a single guitar, with every picking-detail preserved.

All-in-all, this combo represents a lot of amplifier -- and tone -- for the money. The Harry Joyce Custom 30 -- probable the biggest "small amp" in the world -- has a confidence and solidity of sound that makes the weight and cost seem worthwhile the moment you plug in. If you're the type of guitarist who think that most combos feel like toys I can guarantee that you'll ADORE this one.

20th Century Guitar
Greg Gagliano wrote about the HARRY JOYCE amps in the April 1997 issue of 20th CENTURY GUITAR:
The 30-watt amp was wonderful. The clean sound was tight and crisp and the overdrive was very easy to control with humbucker or single coil. Classic tone gushes forth from this amp from "Can't Explain" to slow blues.

The 100-watt amp was simply awesome. It had devastating low end punch, good midrange and really clear upper frequency response. This amp demonstrated really excellent touch control and I would have sworn it had a tube rectifier rather than solid state. Oh yeah... it was really loud, too..

These boutique amps from Britain are outstanding in terms of construction and sound. You can't go wrong with one..

Guitar Player
The Bench Tests feature of the August 1997 GUITAR PLAYER magazine featured the HARRY JOYCE Custom 30 1X12 combo.  Art Thompson wrote:
The Custom 30's smoothly-finished welded-steel chassis houses a spectacular point-to-point circuit, with the majority of the caps and resistors soldered side by side on dual 1/8" phenolic turret boards.

The custom 30 is a tough-sounding bloke with a muscular, old-school crunch...  ...its 70's approved chunk could fake you into thinking you're whacking through a bigger amp. High volumes incite fat sustain with splintering upper-mid harmonics and ballsy low end.

With either of its volumes set at about two-thirds and the master dimed, the H.J. delivers hefty detailed grind, and it cleans up nicely when you back off your guitar volume.


Pictures and descriptions on this site refer to HARRY JOYCE HJ Custom amplifiers produced prior to November 2000.
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